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10 Reasons Why you should be proud of having small breasts

You all must have come across the saying that “Size does matter”. But does it really? Size doesn’t matter unless we are talking about hearts. If you can’t love your body parts, how are you going to love somebody else’s body parts? Still, common talk articulates the idea of men preferring big boobs. To better understand why big breasts aren’t the be-all and end-all, here are 10 great reasons why small breasts are genuinely awesome, and why you should be proud of both of them.

10 Reasons Why you should be proud of having small breasts

1) They look cute. Well, small things always look cute, so are boobies. They really are. When revealed, small breasts look like cherries, and who doesn’t love a cherry on top? Neat, petite, and ready to nibble.

2) They aren’t loose. You don’t have to worry about your boob not listening to your body language, shaking like jelly, or peeking out of your bra. You can count on your breasts. They also make you look more svelte and sleek.

3) They boost your self confidence. Self-esteem is the mirror of mental health. Looking in the mirror and loving your naked boobs is going to reflect on your relationships as well. Overcoming your insecurities will make your current and future relationships more honest, substantial, and fulfilling. When someone is hitting on you, the reason better be because he likes the whole you, and not just some of your parts.

4) They make you mistress of arousal, stimulation, full of surprises, and hypersensitive to touch. Small breasts are a weapon if he holds it right and your hypersensitivity serves as a trigger. During petting or actual intercourse, your partner has two accomplices in the crime scene of killing you softly with orgasmic nirvana.

5) You appear elegant and adorable. Small boobs, nice flannel, no accidental unbuttoning. Even when you decide to unbutton a little bit, it won’t seem like an intro to a hardcore porn movie, and men will still be hungry for a bite of your tasteful cleavage.

6) You can flaunt your assets anywhere. You can just chill while tanning and not be super conscious about your father feeling uncomfortable when every single dude is salivating over your bikini boobs.

7) You can jump without your breasts jumping along. You can run, swim, go to gym, ride a bicycle, do yoga, or participate in any sports without them standing in your way and without having to wear those ugly, compressing sports bras. Working out requires vigorous motivation, which would not be easy to nurture if you had two big girls hindering almost any exercise.

8) They won’t slag with age. Not now, not when you give birth to three children, not when you become a beautiful grandma. Through the years, a woman’s body transforms, with most of these transformations being supported by gravity – everything starts falling down. In puberty, your breasts were not growing as much as you or your high school crushes would have liked them to, and that might have bothered you a lot. But gradually, you will learn to be grateful for them. At least this part of your body will confidentially participate in a mission to keep you looking younger in your later years.

9) You become less prone to stria. When you gain a few pounds, your tissue instantly updates a new aesthetic feature – stria. But, since you do not own a lot of extra skin or extra fat in your chest area, it won’t have stria. That means you won’t have to bother with putting on balms and creams, and covering up at the beach, thanks to your stria-free twins!

10) Your chance of enjoying hugs gets doubled. Especially super strong ones that can crush all the disappointment you have towards your boobs. The word she starts with a shhh for a reason – the female manifestation was created with a sensual whisper. No matter if she has a big ass, a big nose, a small waist, or small boobs, a woman is a magical creature, so be proud of your womanly figure, whatever size or shape it may be!

Guys I am constantly putting efforts in making your relationships better. But it won’t be possible without your support. So please do comment, like, react and share my articles and help reach them as far as possible!!

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