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10 tips For Avoid Your Google Adsense Acount From Getting Banned

10 tips For Avoid Your Google Adsense Acount From Getting Banned

by AdminAugust 23, 2016

Google Adsense is most famous Advertising Network today’s online. No One is like that but Google Adsense need only Legal things. Some people do not know that if you did pirate content on your website and blog then Google Adsense account will get Banned. Then you can not allow publishing ads on your website or Blog. Google AdSense is the first source of any beginner blogger to earn online money.


Here are 10 Tips will help you if you are a newbie in Google Adsense advertising Network.

  1. Never use Adult, Violent or Advocating Racial Intolerance, Nude Images on your website.
  2. Never do Copy Right Material from other Websites. if you did you will kill your website reputation and Google can Easily find out which one is Original.
  3. Never do Click on you own ads because Google is watching you like a Spy.
  4. Never write text above your Google Adsense Ads like “Click on the ad below”, “Please Click below” and etc. but You can use Label Headings as “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements”.
  5. Never Say your Friends to Click on My Google Adsense Ads on Social Media Websites like Facebook.
  6. Don’t Unwanted Links and Pop-Ups Ads on your website. Keep clean with proper Navigation. Google also looks for the Quality and Standard of Website.
  7. You must have a Privacy Policy Page which must contain a description of the use of Google AdSense on your Website. Many Webmasters don’t know about it which results in their account getting Banned.
  8. Hide Google Adsense Ads from Contact and Privacy Policy page, Place your ads only on Content Pages.
  9. Never place your Google Adsense ads under any Drop Down Menu, If you did then you are Violate Google Adsense TOS.
  10. Never place Google Adsense Ads on empty pages with no Content.

These Tips and Rules are the Minimum Requirement to Avoid your Google Adsense Account from Getting Banned.

I Hope that this post is very helpful for You. Comment below and Tell us How are this Tips!

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