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10 Ways To Expertise The Art Of Passionate Love Making

10 Ways To Expertise The Art Of Passionate Love Making

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 14, 2016

Most of you feel that love making is what you see in porn movies. But that’s not the truth in real life. Lovemaking doesn’t have to emulate what you see in the movies or even in porn. A lot of people seem to think that passionate sex entails ripped clothes, shattered furniture and a neighbor who will complain about all the noise. Real life isn’t like that, and here are ways to keep the passion alive without resorting to theatrics.

10 Ways To Expertise The Art Of Passionate Love Making

1) The element of surprise. Did it ever happen with you that after dinner you both are lying in bed wanting to make love to each other, waiting for some hints from the other side? Sometimes, what becomes dragging is the fact that you and your partner know that you need *or you have* to make love when the two of you are already in bed, just waiting for who hints at whom. Do not let yourself get dragged into this. Instead, act upon your instincts and use the element of surprise.

Surprises are what women love the most. So, never leave a chance of making love to her whenever you get the opportunity. Sneak up on her when she is showering. Jump on him the moment you get home. Hug her naked from behind while she is cooking. Crawl under his office table at home and give him a blowjob. These are simple things, but they can definitely make lovemaking sexier, and get you out of the routine rut.

2) Transform into someone else. Many couples enjoy the concept of role playing while making love to their partners. But yeah, there are others as well who do not prefer to engage in it. When you are bordering more on the no role-playing side, it would also be nice to put some sexy lingerie that will enhance the body parts that your lover likes the most about you.

Doing this allows you to show your partner that you’ve got some goodies hidden under your usual baggy shirt and jeans outfit. This will also keep them aroused and hopefully, enhance their stamina to keep up with the passion that will be unleashed for this act.

3) Explore uncharted territories. That’s my favorite part. You can master the art of sensual tease if you take this point into serious consideration. Even though you have been caressing each other a lot and have been making love every day, you would be surprised that there are still parts of your lover that you have yet to discover. Take time to do this. Get your partner naked and start touching every inch of their body, and if possible, you can also have the option to use your tongue as this will also ignite a different response.

4) Experiment with clothes on. Consider a situation, you’ve just returned from the office, enter the home and see her in her black lingerie. So will you care about getting off your clothes? No! You’ll rush her to bed and treat her as she wanted. Sometimes, in the rush of things, you barely remove your clothes anymore and just start doing it. Or, sometimes, you are in a public space where you cannot really get naked right then and there. There is a certain degree of excitement and thrill in keeping the clothes on than just getting naked all at once.

Just remove the bare minimum of clothing you need to remove before you engage in a lovemaking session. Seeing each other in disheveled clothes that have been pushed aside just so you can have sex can be a real turn on!

5) Make some noise. Sometimes, your partner gets stimulated by the noises you make when you two are making love. Admit it, sometimes you try to stop yourself from letting it all out because you might be afraid you would wake the neighbors or you may sound a little bit like a porn actor or you may not be that comfortable with your lover yet. But letting it all out loud also has an effect on your partner. It does not hurt to make a couple of sounds and moans let your partner know how much you like what he or she is doing.

6) Read and research about positions. If you always follow the same position, you’ll get bored one day, and your partner too may lose interest. So I will suggest to google about positions or get a subscription of KAMASUTRA. It’s sad enough for the women to always be below and the men on top, or vice versa. Be open minded enough to try different sexual positions, as this is also going to make different angles in penetration, which in turn will affect the male and female arousal areas. There are also some males who prefer to do it standing up, with the woman against the wall, or the females preferring to be on top but facing their partner’s feet.

Different positions will also make the lovemaking not just passionate and sexier, but the excitement of figuring out what new position pleases your partner is also going to be a challenging and exciting learning process.

7) The oral of a lifetime. Admit it, oral sex is a lot of work. And not everyone is willing to make that extra effort to please their lovers. You do not have to do it every day, and even a once-a-week session may be enough to get that libido running. Experiment with different ways of pleasuring your partner with your mouth, and encourage your partner to do the same.

8) How many areas in your place have you done it? If you find yourself telling your visitors ‘don’t touch the kitchen counter, we were just having sex there,’ then you truly are enjoying lovemaking, and having enough passion for doing it in all areas of your house shows that. If you find that you are only doing it in the bedroom, slowly take it somewhere else.

Start stripping in the living room and do it on the couch, or try doing it while having a shower. These small changes in space will definitely turn both of you on and before you know it, you will be going skinny dipping and doing it whilst in the swimming pool or rolling under the stars on the grass lawn behind your house. If that is not passionate sex, we don’t know what is!

9) Arouse the five senses. Make sure that the room or place where you will make love in has all the elements for the five senses to be aroused.

Sight: Warm lights from candles or a yellow light bulb can instantly make a room ready for some passion.

Smell: Light a couple of aromatic candles or burn some aromatherapy oil.

Sound: Turn on some lovemaking music like smooth jazz for slow sex or some EDM beats for something a little more energetic. Just make sure it’s background music and not the highlight of your session.

Taste: There is nothing better than tasting the salt off of your partner’s skin. But if that’s not your thing, edible lubricants or melted chocolate can be an option

Touch: Lovemaking is all about the art of touching each other, slowly and with the hunger for intimacy. But if you want some tactile stimulation, silks, feathers or even a leather whip might be your thing.

10) Be comfortable. There can be no lovemaking at all if you are not in a level of comfort that you should be. Some women cannot lubricate properly if they are hurting or if the room is too cold or too warm. An erection might be a little difficult to achieve for the same reasons.

Prep yourselves mentally, emotionally and physically for what’s about to happen. Do your best to make the room comfortable and to put your partner at ease before you start trying anything. Lovemaking is something that will strengthen the bond between partners and should not be taken for granted. It is also an act that should not be rushed and each moment should be cherished.

Guys, I am constantly putting efforts in making your relationships better. But it won’t be possible without your support. So please do comment, like, react and share my articles and help reach them as far as possible!!

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