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3 Keys To A Perfect Love-Making Session With Your Partner

I don’t like complicating things when it comes about making love to your partner, and will suggest you the same. The act of giving pleasure to one’s partner is one of the most passionate and intense forms of giving of oneself. To be masterful in bed, one must remember the basic tenets of being an unforgettable lover. Once you have learned the tenets of great lovemaking, you can be assured that you shall be consumed in waves of pleasure.

3 Keys To A Perfect Love-Making Session With Your Partner

1) Explore the wonders of her body. Enjoy the art of taking a look at her body to heat up things between you two. It stimulates sex hormones. Take a moment to admire your partner’s body. While your partner might have insecurities with their body, celebrate its beauty and reassure them that you like what you see. Take time to massage your partner’s feet, run your fingers through their hair, and feel their shoulders. Remember that human beings live for the sense of touch. There is just pure pleasure that one finds in it.

A sensual touch could send shivers down one’s spine. A reverent touch, like that of pure admiration and love can bring your partner to be deeply moved by you. The result is that magical feeling of electricity that would resonate between the two of you as your bodies slowly come together.

2) Know your partner’s mind. Before starting with anything, its better you know what is there in her mind. Maybe she is looking for a quick foreplay this time or a massage session. There is nothing more beautiful than having a partner who shares a mental connection with you. Sharing the same wavelength and reading each other’s thoughts—there is just something otherworldly about it. When you share the same wavelength, you two are in accord. You know when your partner wants to be ravished with kisses. You know when to take it slow. With just one look, you can see if your partner is experiencing pleasure, pain, if they’re close to orgasm or if they’re bored.

There’s no need for words, all you have to do is look into each other’s eyes, listen to the timbre of each other’s voices and feel the significance of each touch. This is the kind of sex that dreams are made of, and worth remembering.

3) Making love should transcend the physical Excitement. Don’t confuse making love with having sex. Both are different issues. Making love has much to do with connections and emotions than just bodies. The art of lovemaking is an age-old art. As such, the act in itself can bring one beyond the realm of the physical. It is the marriage of souls that would allow one to share a connection.

The defining aspect of having unforgettable and meaningful sex is love. It is this connection that would define the relationship you both have. Intimacy will allow you to tune into your partner’s energy and will bring you both into a state of mental calmness. When you both allow yourselves to shed each other’s vulnerabilities, you will both feed into each other’s energies. Remember that the melding of bodies should also allow each other’s hearts to be melded.

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