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4 Reasons why Guys are Afraid to Tie the Knot

4 Reasons why Guys are Afraid to Tie the Knot

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 26, 2016

Most men I have seen do fear of committing to their partners. So what do they do when their girlfriend is hinting them to start a fresh life, get married, be family? Here’s what you need to know to minimize the conflict. Are your Whats app or Facebook friends sharing wedding photos? Does everyone around you getting married? It’s a wedding bell that’s ringing, don’t be pressurized and get into the relation you don’t want.

4 Reasons why Guys are Afraid to Tie the Knot

Well ladies, commitment is not that easy for us because before we commit anything to you, we need to stand at a position where we can actually make it happen(practically). Marriage isn’t drinking bournvita together and tons of planning, its transformation of many lives for lifetime! It’s not a joke dude, You are getting married! Marriage is not just a license for Kamasutra. With marriage you have to face responsibilities and you can’t get away easily.

If you want to choose to be unmarried and want to make your girlfriend happy, Here’s what you need.

1)The reason that comes to his mind is that “circumstances aren’t good ” But that’s not an answer. It’s just that he is not prepared to commit to a person who will be by his side ever and forever. But WHY? Because he is career oriented, want to earn more money, want to be settled in a city and a lot many things.

2) He may not feel like, he wants to marry because he might not have done things that most single men do. This feeling comes when he has seen unhappy married couple in his journey. He doesn’t want breakups or divorce.

3) He wants to live his life with you but where there’s no marriage involved. He wants open relationship.

4) The most painful reason is that he doesn’t see a life partner in you then why is he with you? Think about it.

If you don’t feel good with him, just opt out as soon as possible.

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