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4 Reasons Why She May Dump You For Another Guy

Did your girlfriend ever dump you for another girl? If yes then lets find out the reasons behind it. There have been numerous cases where a lady will be in a relationship with a guy and all off a sudden, she will just dump the guy and hook up with another guy, without any cogent explanation as to why she did it. This normally leaves most guys wondering what really happened or where they went wrong.Well, these are some of the reasons why ladies dump a lot of you guys.

4 Reasons Why She May Dump You For Another Guy

1) She Doesn’t Genuinely Love You: Sometimes she is not sure about her feelings for you and gets confused about love and inflation. This is a primary reason why most ladies dump or break up with a lot of guys. The truth is this; If a lady doesn’t truly love you, she will never commit herself to a long term relationship with you.

Well I don’t say women are mean or selfish but at times, ladies tend to enter into relationships with ulterior motives and hidden agendas, and once this motives are fulfilled or accomplished, they would have no need to remain in such relationships. If a woman doesn’t love you, it will always be easy for her to dump you if she finds a better partner.

2) You Are Not Man Enough: Being manly doesn’t mean you should be macho or muscular but, you should have self respect and should know how to take control. One thing a lot of guys fail to understand is that a lady can never respect a man that they can control. Ladies are generally attracted to guys that are confident. Guys that are able to take the driving seat in a relationship.
A woman always needs a man that will take charge. Someone capable of calling the shots. Someone that is protective and that she can count on to stand up for her and defend her no matter the situation.

3) You Are Just Too Boring: Women love men with a funny bone to keep them jolly whenever they feel low. Every relationship needs adventure. It’s an essential catalyst for the relationship growth and sustenance. Some guys tend to be too conservative and self reserved, and most ladies hate it.

Ladies like guys that are creative and inventive. Someone who they can joke with. Someone who they can talk to, about anything. Someone who can take her out to new interesting places, have fun and try out new things together.
Someone who can invent new ways to spice up every area of their relationship. If a guy doesn’t meet this criteria, most girls tend to find him boring and not much of fun to be around , and they would gradually begin to lose interest in the relationship.

4) You Don’t know How To Take Care Of Her: Every girl needs a guy that can cater for her needs. Someone that can provide some of the basic things she needs as a woman.If a girl finds you to be someone who is unable to take care of her, she will seek for someone better.Especially in this day and age where the needs of humans are increasing at a high rate, notably among the female gender. These days, whether you like it or not, every lady wants to look good. They want to dress beautifully and look attractive and presentable. If a lady is dating a guy that slacks in this department, she will look for someone else.

Asides monetary needs, most guys also fail to understand the other needs of their girlfriends and these needs are diverse.And if those needs are ignored, most ladies tend to feel abandoned.

Guys, I am constantly putting efforts in making your relationships better. But it won’t be possible without your support. So please do comment, like, react and share my articles and help reach them as far as possible!!

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