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4 Ways To Win Your Man’s Heart

4 Ways To Win Your Man’s Heart

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 26, 2016

Caution ladies! Knowing how to take control over him will help you in making a better connection with him. You should know the right phrases to say and make him fall for you. Have a look at the following 4 points to keep in mind while talking to him.

4 Ways To Win Your Man’s Heart

1) Compliment His Looks: Believe it or not but men too like being complemented when they try dressing up to impress you. One of the best phrases women say that men love to hear is, “You look good,” or something along those lines that compliments his looks. Whether you tell him his hair looks good, his arms look buff, or that his looks overall are great, he will just eat those words right up and melt like butter! Every time you think about asking him how you look when you’re going out, remember to compliment him on his looks as well.

2) How Strong And Masculine He Is: Men try to show you that you are safe with them and they can protect you. Since we’re already telling him how buff he looks, go a little further and say how strong he is as well. All guys, built or not, like to hear that they’re strong and can do something for their partner because they are stronger. Boost your guy’s confidence by asking him to open something for you or carry a heavy box to show him that you can’t do it because you’re just not as strong as he is.

3) You Need Him: Don’t take men for granted. Its a complete NO NO from me. Men are no different than us, they like to feel wanted and needed too. When the setting is just right and you two are having a romantic evening together, tell your guy how much you need him and can’t live without him. It’s all about timing, ladies. You don’t want to tell him this if you haven’t reached that connection yet, and you certainly don’t want to say this if you are having a fight and might go your separate ways.

4) Turn Him on: Don’t put him in the position of being the one who always tries to get things hot between the two of you. Make the first move tonight and say things that move the conversation into the bedroom. Tell him that it’s his night to be taken care of and start off with a nice back massage to get things started.

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