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6 Irritating Habits Women should stop

Not all that long ago, being a lady was all about acting in the most socially pleasing ways. Times have changed though, and as women all over the world step into leadership positions, what it means to be a lady is changing. Drop these leftover habits and join the transformation.

6 Irritating Habits Women should stop

1) Negating your contribution: Most ladies have a habit of ignoring when someone tries to appreciate their efforts. Have you ever done a favor for a friend or colleague then dismissed their thanks, saying, “It was really no trouble, because…” or “I just dropped it off on the way home…?” It may be true that you found the most efficient way to perform the task or that it wasn’t difficult, but these kinds of responses devalue your time and effort. Instead, acknowledge their appreciation, and they’ll remember it.

2) Explaining yourself: Did he ever shouted at you “Please stop explaining yourself, I’m fed up now?” This might be a habit you got into because of parents or a demanding boss. You’ll be required to explain yourself in certain situations, but most of the time, all it does is take up extra time and mental resources, and can end up making you appear less confident.

3) Being overhasty: You have heard the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”. So the same rule applies in relationships as well. How many times have you fired off a hasty email or Facebook post then regretted it? Start employing an extra level of censorship to your communications. Wait 24 hours before you hit send on your emails. Likewise, give your texts and posts extra thought. Deliberate, thoughtful responses can save you plenty of time and grief, so don’t rush to be heard by the world.

4) Apologizing: Do you apologize to often? If yes, then stop doing that. Although you feel it will help, but the affect is reverse. We’re taught to say we’re sorry when we’re young, even if it isn’t true. No wonder we still cling to that habit. Apologizing is rarely effective, and for the most part, it isn’t helpful. Either make a correction or stand your ground, but leave the apologies for celebrities who say stupid things on social media.

5) Doubting yourself: Self-criticism is good, but constantly questioning your actions can become debilitating. Once you’ve made a statement, it’s time to move on and stop worrying about it. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on agonizing scenarios and “what ifs.” Focus on the next task at hand and keep moving forward.

6) Making judgement: Judgement we make often reflect our own perceptions and reveal more about ourselves than them. When you find yourself making value calls on others, remind yourself that there’s likely more to the situation than you know. The compassion you develop for others will also help you forgive yourself for your imperfections.

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