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6 Signs He’s Is Cheating On You

6 Signs He’s Is Cheating On You

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 26, 2016

1. If he turns secretive and tries to guard his conversations on the phone, leaves the room every time he gets a call on his cell

2. If you call or text him first all the time and he doesn’t bother to do so then that is a bad sign

3. If he starts picking fights too often

4. If you catch him lying, it is often a cause for concern giving signal of infidelity

5. If you find a change in the behavior of close common friends then it is possible that they know something that you don’t. Perhaps you are the last to know

6. If your boyfriend suddenly starts worrying a little more about his appearance – new clothes, make-up…he may be trying to look good for someone else. If he gets dressed up for you, that’s one thing but if they seem to spend a little more time looking good to go out without you, then that might be a cause to worry.

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