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7 Myths about sex that must be Busted

7 Myths about sex that must be Busted

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 26, 2016

All of us love having intimacy with our partners. But have never tried to get over the myths associated with it. Sex being an intimate activity gets less educational focus and therefore carries many myths around it. Let’s understand what’s common knowledge but is not true, here.

7 Myths about sex that must be Busted

1) Myth: Youngsters have better sex.

Truth: While most young adults enjoy rapid and agile sex sessions, older adults look forward to intimacy. They seek more of emotional rewards than physical gratification, and any intercourse is only better when it thoroughly enjoyed and not just rushed through.

2) Myth: Female orgasm is directly related to Intercourse

Truth: About 75% of women attain orgasm via clitoris stimulation instead of vaginal intercourse. For simultaneous climax, male spouse can first titillate clitoris to match the timing with the penetration.

3) Myth: Men are more keen on sex than women

Truth: There is no biological justification for women being less interested in sex. There may be other reasons like day to day stress; childhood abuse; work pressure; incompatible relationship, social stigma and related mental blocks etc.

4) Myth: Ejaculation Leads to real sexual pleasure in Men

Truth: A lot of men experience non-ejaculatory pleasure. Practice would help a person to demarcate ejaculation from orgasm.

5) Myth: Foreplay is a precursor to a good sex session

Truth: Foreplay should be treated as an independent activity and would never be done with the sole aim of leading towards erection and then ejaculation. Foreplay is a bonding process that deserves to be enjoyed without any preoccupations.

6) Myth: Bigger penis leads to more pleasure

Truth: The size of penis is more of an egoistic disposition. The job of penis is to titillate inside of clitoris to create sensation. Size does not impact its performance.

7) Myth: Oral sex is safe

Truth: This statement holds truth only for preventing pregnancy. Considering possibility of transmission of infections, even oral sex can prove to be fatal. You must only rely on using a condom for complete safety.

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