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8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With Beard

8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With Beard

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 14, 2016

Trend of beards is at its height these days. Bollywood as well as Hollywood celebs are flaunting them like anything. Even with teens, you can easily see the resurgence of the beard. It is a time honored tradition of men throughout our history. Although in recent times it has been expected of men to be clean shaven, the beard has made a comeback. Teenagers and adults alike all over the world have begun using facial hair to complement their features. Which has
brought us to compile nine reasons why it is good to date a man with a beard.

1) It is sexy-.Women these days demand more of a rough guy than a ‘chikna'(shaved) kind of guy. Beard displays a manly character of a guy. A man with a beard definitely has a more rugged and manly look that most women will find attractive. Characters like Wolverine from the “X- Men” series, Thor from the Marvel universe or “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello prove just how sexy a nice amount of facial hair can be. Since men can’t wear make up, the beard can also have cosmetic benefits, as it can hide acne or acne scars and strengthen a weak jaw line.

8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With Beard

Portrait of handsome man with beard. Close-up

2) They make better lovers. Sexual satisfaction is more important when it comes to making her happy in bed. Every woman wants a man who can satisfy her sexually. From pre-intimacy to intercourse, the beard is a versatile tool. It can give a little friction where friction is needed, if you understand what I mean. From a gentle tickle to an aggressive rub, men with beards have a distinct advantage when it comes to pleasing a woman.

3) It implies prestige– If you have noticed movies of kingship, dynasties, you would find all people with a beard. It’s a mark of respect for them. In old Celtic times, Otto the Great often swore by his beard. In the Middle Ages, touching another man’s beard was grounds for a duel. Men today use their beards as symbols of strength, manliness,
self-esteem and status. A man with a beard generates alpha status and lets a woman know that he can be a good protector.

4) Bearded men can be more virile- When boys start approaching puberty, their bodies begin to change. One of such changes is growing a beard. For a woman looking to start a family, a beard might symbolize a man who is hormonal.

5) They are more patient. Yes! that’s true. For most men, growing a beard is a task that involves patience and understanding the bigger picture. It shows a man who is cool, calm, collected and calculating. For the most part, they are not rash or hasty when it comes to decision making.

6) They are understanding- Well if you don’t understand fashion sense,then you may end up in a disaster keeping a beard. Keeping an attractive beard requires a lot of grooming, styling and patience. It is a great benefit to be dating such a man as this because he has his own beauty routine, and would most likely be conscious and understanding of your own. This also may mean that he will be easy to talk to and probably also a good listener.

7) They are father figures / romantic figures. Every girl looks a fatherly figure in her boyfriend as her role model is no other than her father. Although most women are not looking to date their fathers, they would most likely want to date men that remind them of their fathers. A man with a beard will often carry the perception of wisdom and discernment. In recent studies, women found men who had at least 10-day-old beards to be more attractive than their clean shaven counterparts. They also perceived them to be better and more protective fathers. The men also appeared more aggressive and masculine, which would make them better romantic partners.

8) They are healthier. Chances are, a man with a beard leads a more active and adventurous lifestyle. They will enjoy outdoor sports like camping, fishing and hunting. Studies have shown that beards also block 90 to 95% of UV rays, slowing the aging process and reducing cancer. Not only will your man be enjoying the outdoors with you, he will also be protected by the power of the beard.

Beards are fun and mysterious, as the women who date the men can attest to. I hope these nine tips give good insight into why your man might want to get working on growing a beard himself.

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