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Are you a clingy girlfriend?
Are you a clingy girlfriend

Are you a clingy girlfriend?

by Stallone SoumyaAugust 19, 2016

Most of you want to become the ideal girl in his life. You try your best to stand up to his expectations. But are you being clingy? Are you over doing? Well girls, there is a very fine line between being clingy and a loving girlfriend. But sometimes, even the best of us can become a clingy girlfriend without really getting to know about it. Being a clingy girlfriend is not a bad thing, as long as you know where to draw the limit line. The most confusing part about the clingy person is that is subjective. You ex boyfriend may think you were clingy, while a new boyfriend may think you’re far away being clingy!

Are you a clingy girlfriend

1) You talk for Hours: Most of you, especially the ones i have known in all my life love to curl up in bed and talk to him on the phone for hours every night. He may love to do that at the beginning of the relationship, but the novelty of the relationship begins to fade and love sits in a mature and happy zone, he may want to reduce the duration of the call. This does not mean he loves you less. It just means he’s ready to return to normal life when he had other things to do at night. If your boyfriend hints about wanting to spend less time on the phone, do not force him to talk to you. Instead, keep your calls short and hang for a few days, even before he wants to hang. It’ll make him miss you more!

2) Focus on Marriage: Its a natural tendency especially in Indians that when we’re in a long term relationship, both of us constantly think of the word “Marriage”. Traditionally, of course, he is going to propose to you and you would be waiting patiently for the magical moment. However, some women cannot muster the patience and constantly remind him that he has to marry. This might irritate him. If this is something that is most important to you, then you face your man directly. He will respect you more for it and not come off as needy or clingy.

3) You are Over Doing: Like you, he also likes to do things not for you or for both of you but himself. You offer him to do something, like to prepare lunch or clean your room, and he refuses, but still does it anyway. Things like this you can see the first few times, but after a while they get old quickly. He is going to feel like he is losing his independence. Stay normal in doing routine work. Keep it in a balance way.

4) You Don’t Give Him Space: If you really like or love someone who is normal to want to be with you as much as possible, but it is important to let him have some space. If your new boyfriend wants to go hang out, let him go. Do not start nagging and asking thousands of questions like a detective, and do not call or text throughout the night to see what he is doing. Give them the time to miss you. If you treat your partner as a prisoner, there is a good chance that he will get tired and want even more time away from you.

5) You Plan Everything at Own: If you have stopped making plans to do things on your own or with your other friends to wait to see what your boyfriend is doing, you have probably become a clingy girlfriend. In order to ensure a healthy relationship, it is necessary to maintain a life that is independent of the person you are dating. This means that you must proactively plan activities, both for yourself and your friends without having to wait to see if your boyfriend wants to go out that night. One particular sign that is a problem is if you have left to spend time with close friends. You can still stay close to your boyfriend and spend a few nights one month apart.

Guys, I am constantly putting efforts in making your relationships better. But it won’t be possible without your support. So please do comment, like, react and share my articles and help reach them as far as possible!!

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