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Awesome 3D flying book navigation menu bar widget for blogger

Awesome 3D flying book navigation menu bar widget for blogger

by AdminAugust 23, 2016

This navigation menu has a 3D effect when you hover your mouse cursor over the menu a submenu appears like a book and it looks like it is flying that is the reason we have given it a name as a 3D flying menu. This navigation menu is created in pure HTML and CSS and we have not used any javascript to give it the 3D effect.3d-navigation-menu


Few qualities of this Navigation Menu

  • Fast in loading.
  • Based on HTML and CSS.
  • No Javascript.
  • Very impressive and attractive.

It is a professional navigation menu with blue color and maybe you have not seen such beautiful and attractive navigation menu ever. I have given the demo of the menu where you can see how beautiful and professional it is looking. I am also going to replace my navigation menu with this navigation menu.

Multi submenu

This 3D Navigation menu has the multi submenu. When you hover your mouse over the menu it displays 3 boxes of the submenu, not the single one. And you have the freedom to edit more in this. You will have complete control over this 3D navigation menu. You can customize the colors, Menu, and content in this navigation menu.

We will give you both the code. First complete code and ready to use and the second is separately HTML and CSS code. You can install this widget in two ways. First has copied the code and paste in the widget and you are done and second, is editing your template. In both the cases, it will work. So the choice is yours that through which way you want to add this navigation menu bar widget to blogger.

How to add a 3D navigation menu widget to blogger

  • Login to blogger.
  • Go to the layout.
  • Click to add a gadget.
  • Choose HTML/Javascript.
  • Copy the below code.
  • Paste it and you are done.


This is it. Now when you have the full code just copy it inside the gadget and save. You are done. If you liked this 3D navigation menu widget for the blogger that has a multi sub menu then please share it and write comments as your feedback.

Source : avdhootblogger

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