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Best 8 Tips for Getting Approved BuySellAds

Best 8 Tips for Getting Approved BuySellAds

by AdminAugust 25, 2016

Initially, many peoples are trying to to get google Adsense account but google Adsense has more terms and conditions so why the account is refused. So in this post I’ll tell one of the best alternatives of google AdSense, is BuySellAds.buysellads

But BuySellAds can not be approved without more visitors. it will check everything of our website. Now I’ll give a minimum requirement for getting approved buySelAds.If you couldn’t do it till now.check this requirement has on your site.

8 Tips For Approving BuySellAds Account

1. Your website must contain custom domain Example like ( it does not accept for

2. Your website must be live, must be a good finished.(like attractive design) and you must have fresh content.

3.Your site must have greater than 100K impressions per month

4. No porn or anything illegal or containing even remotely “questionable” content.

5. The site must be in English (sorry, we’re just not able to provide support in other languages right now).

6. If you have a ton of untargeted ads on your site already, we’re not going to approve you.

7. We are currently focused on the tech /  the web design / development / freelancer niche. While we do occasionally accept sites outside of this niche, you may be denied if you are not in this niche.

8. Getting denied does not mean that we will not approve you at a future date.

If you are ok with this. you can apply for buySell and. good luck

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