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Blogger Will No Longer Allow Certain Sexually Explicit Content On March 23rd

Blogger Will No Longer Allow Certain Sexually Explicit Content On March 23rd

by AdminAugust 24, 2016

Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content On March 23rd . Learn more here. this line you can see in your blogger account when you log in, This is also the great update of this best blogging platform, Many people updating their status like Today I log in my Blogger account I am seeing policy updates of blogger for Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content after 23 march.

bans adult conent

Google has made an announcement that from 23rd March 2015, the search engine is going to ban the explicit adult content like nude photographs, sexually explicit images and videos on its blogging platform Blogger. This Google agenda works the same for well-established blogs as well as fresh blogs. Blogger websites were strictly instructed by the Google to remove such type of explicit adult content from the blogger websites, If not the content will be forcefully turned into private blogs, with blogger warnings. By Privatizing the blog no content will be deleted from the blog, the change occurs is only privatized content will be displayed to the clients. By making the adult Content Private,

Google will not show the content to visitors, it only offers that particular content to the authors and administrators of that post and to whom they share exclusively can see the substance. It cannot be accessed by the public. With this step, the content icon will appear on screen, but if the clients try to browse the content, it will not open, in this way Google is restricting the adultery promotion pictures, videos on Blogger websites.

You can Hide or make Private your Blogger Blog

As we know that there are no doubt that Google is really most popular blogging platform, It’s totally free, Anyone can sign up and can make a free site, If you know the best SEO and how to write the best blog post then you can make money from this easily. So it’s the best thing on the net for make money which provided by Google, But there are many spammers just doing spamming on this platform, As yo know certain sexually explicit content is a big problem nowadays for every community.

Everyone trying to avoid and reducing certain sexually explicit content on every platform, Google taking best decision in this way, Now it’s removing or deleting all these bloggers which have certain sexually explicit content. Now just Google warn to these blogger which still sharing these type content for delete that blogs or make their blogger private.

News Google is Going to Bann Explicit Adult Content on Blogger from 23rd March 2015

Blogger’s Old policy has no such rule of not allowing the adult content. Earlier the Blogger has permitted to publish the adult content, barring illegal contact. But in contrast, Google came up with a new resolution of prohibiting the sexually explicit images on the sites. As per the Google announcement the rule will strictly come into a picture from 23rd March 2015. The world’s largest search engine Google has come up with this action explicitly, to put an end to the adult content in Google will make various modifications and steps to make its clients feel more reliable and prompt.

The small concession was given for the Blogger users is that the nude content can be displayed to some extent when it is having the benefits, for example, Education, Scientific, Documentary, Artistic etc. This also not completely permissible, but some kind of warnings and alerts will be issued by the Google to the Blogger clients. The New Policy is applicable for only Blogger, when it comes to WordPress or Tumblr there is no such restriction. The sites are having the permission to publish the sexually explicit images and videos. Hence only Blogger users were instructed to notice the censor rules and proceed further.

On March 23rd, Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content

Google has come up with this new implementation to avoid the unnecessary bad impact on the children and adults. The website should run with a clean and neat Performa , and it should always present the healthy content to people, that is the search engine is taking the serious step on a bad impact on the readers. Adult Explicit content, nude photographs will create a bad impact on readers and also it will affect to the site name indirectly. By keeping knowledgeable content readers will be gaining something out of the portal and they can be far from any kind of negative impact, according to the Google perspective.
Key Points

**The Explicit Adult Content Ban Policy on BlogSpot comes into picture from 23rd March 2015

**This is applicable for old and new blogs.

**By the announced date the adult content must be removed from the blog, otherwise the content forcefully made privatized.

**By Privatizing, no content will be deleted , but only private content will be visible for users.

**To some extent, blogger blogs related to education, documentary, science and art were permitted. But still will get warnings and alerts from Google.

**The New Adult Explicit Content Ban was only applicable for Blogger. There is no such rule designed for WordPress or Tumblr websites.

blog deleted

Final Verdict On Blogger New Policy Update of sexually explicit content

As we know that Google always likes familiar content, As Google providing free blogging platform for all, To make more social now Google updating many updates, This is also a best and also very social update of Google. It’s clean update to remove sexually explicit content from this platform, If you have any suggestion on this article then please suggest us, Thanks

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