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Can You reduce your body fat NATURALLY?

Workout do create miracles but there always some restrictions to it. Consider this situation, you are on a moderate carbs diet i.e., you eat 2-3 chapatti a day and do 2 hours of cycling or running. Do you think its gonna workout.. No.. even if it does it will be slightest. Because the energy you got during running was from the carbs you ate this morning or last night. How will the stored fat be utilized. Please think of it..
The answers bullshit trainers will give is rope jumping and cardio and SHIT! It worked for athletes residing in other countries but here in India where people eat chapatti and white rice. How can you expect to burn fat with so much of carbs.

Can You reduce your body fat NATURALLY?

You need to understand the basics

First of all you need to understand that there is nothing in the world like tummy fat, chest fat or anything like that shit. Its simply ‘fat’. You can’t get rid of fat from a particular area. You need to shed your body fat%.

Now the myths everyone will tell you, from a gym trainer to an athlete, everyone. Go for jogging, spend 2 hours on treadmill daily, go for walks, do skipping and all that bullshit. You must have tried all that with your more than 100% efforts but did it actually workout for u.. NOT AT ALL.
Then is that 6 packed athlete wrong? No.. hez not. But you need to understand that hez metabolism is different from us. He spends a lot of hours playing or running. Hez body is habitual of burning more calories than ours coz we are working class people and can’t spend whole day sprinting.

So is six pack a dream unreachable for us? No.. Not at all. At the end of this comment you will start believing me. Loosing weight(basically fat) depends 20% on workout and 80% on diet.

To lose fat you will have to eat FATS.

Now most of u must have cursed me for that bullshit line I wrote above.

Now please read it carefully….

Suppose your car has fuel in the front tanker as well in reserve.. Will it consume fuel from the reserve? Not unless the fuel in the first tanker is exhausted. BINGO!! Now our body is just like the car. Our first tanker contains carbohydrates(instant energy source) and our reserve contains fats(stored energy). So unless and untill we do not free up the front tanker how will our body consume the stored fat and make us slimmer. If you got my point, half of my job is done.

You need to deplete your carb stores so that your body starts getting energy from fats. Once your body starts doing that, it will undergoketosis, a scientific term for your body acting as a fat burning machine.

So how will that happen.

Follow keto diet i.e.,

  • 5% carbohydrates
  • 35% proteins
  • 60% fats

Drop your carbs intake to just 5%. Your body will take 48 hours to deplete all the carb reserves and enter ketosis.

Keep your daily calorie intake to 1200 kcal. And trust me you will start noticing results in your first week.

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