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Caution girls!! Here are 3 ways how u spoil your relationships.

I have seen many of my friends ruining up their relationships because of some reasons. Sometimes we do not know that our behavior is actually hurting someone’s sentiments and I have tried summing up those reasons under three headings. So make sure you admit it if you’re doing any of these and follow what is required to cure the damage caused.

3 ways how u spoil your relationships.

1) Letting your past affect your present: You have this problem if You blame your current boyfriend for problems you had in your last relationship. Girls, generally, are afraid of their current boyfriends committing the same mistakes their ex did to them. when you’re suspicious that your new boyfriend is going to cheat on you, like your ex did, your subconscious is trying to come to terms with the old problem. The effect will hardly be productive: You’re likely to create some new problems with your current boyfriend without solving the issues from your past.

Update: In order to get rid of this, just calm down for a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself: Are there any issues or arguments you had with a former boyfriend that is still bothering you? If so, write them down and be on the lookout. The next time you’re angry with your current boyfriend for something similar, ask yourself whether or not he deserves it.
If that doesnot work out, the I would recommend telling him about your ex and asking him about his. But be clear that you’re talking about your old flame solely for the purpose of improving your current relationship.

But again don’t ruin it because Your new guy doesn’t want to hear about how your ex just got a promotion, what a great cook he was, or how amazing he was in bed.

2) Insecurities about your figure: Sometimes girls try to wrap up themselves, if you enter their rooms without any prior notice. They are conscious about their body being looked up by their boyfriends. Compliments make them nervous and defensive. It happens when they are ashamed of their figure or shape. As a result you will find them making excuses when you try getting closer or try touching them. It can ruin a sense of closeness.

Update: The first step is awareness: realizing, that when he says, “you look beautiful in that dress” and you hear, “she is looking ugly,” it’s not because he’s being sarcastic, but because you feel ashamed of your body.

The second step is to learn to talk about it in an open, honest way. Explain your insecurities to him, why you think you have them, and how they make you feel. Then, pledge to yourself to throw the symptoms of insecurity out the window. Once you stop calling yourself fat, you may stop feeling so fat.

3) Girls generally have a bad timing: Sometimes you bring issues you argue about often or recently — at romantic dinners, family functions, or company events. Everyone knows that communication is important to a good relationship, but knowing when and where to communicate can be just as important. Bringing up a problem at an inappropriate time or place will almost never solve it, and will become a problem in its own right. And a guy, especially me will be reluctant to bring you along to his friend’s birthday party if he’s worried you’ll be shooting him dirty looks all night.

Update: If you really want to talk about it, have a safe, private place where you can talk without feeling uncomfortable. And if you really want to resolve the issues, make sure you are talking in person and never by text message or e-mail.

Guys I am constantly putting efforts in making your relationships better. But it won’t be possible without your support. So please do comment, like, react and share my articles and help reach them as far as possible!!

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