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Complete Guide To Setup your Own WordPress Website or Blog On Bluehost : Beginner Choice

Complete Guide To Setup your Own WordPress Website or Blog On Bluehost : Beginner Choice

by AdminAugust 24, 2016

Creating an online blog or website is not an easy task for the beginner because of a lot of confusion over the domain and hosting plan selection but in this tutorial, I will explain an easy way to setup your own WordPress website or blog on hosting provider.


How to Make your own WordPress blog :

When you starting a blog you need to know these essential things in order to get your website publicly live and running :

A blog Topic : Blog topic consider what do you want to write about ? The first thing you need to know is what your blog is going to be about.

A blog Name : What is the name of your blog ? A blog name is your domain name that means your blog URL (Unified Resource Locator). This URL is your blog address so that your reader open your blog through this.

Web hosting For your blog : Who should you host your blog with and how do you set up hosting for a blog ? This is what I’ll cover in this article.

This guide is not to set-up your free blog but about starting your own blog on its own website…. If you are ready for this let’s start the process.

Today many of the hosting provider but BlueHost is one of the best WordPress hosting provider and official partner of wordPress. And I extremely recommend to our read go through the blue and use it’s service and you’ll found a better one.

Bluehost has various plan and services but if you are beginner you should go through the shared hosting plan whose starting cost almost $3.95/month this is economical price for everyone. And you will get free .COM domain with your hosting account for the lifetime that’s crazy for you yeah… ?

How To Register and Buy Hosting Package From BlueHost

Step 1 : Firstly you need to go Bluehost official website click here or if you from India then click here


Step 2 : After clicking on this you see the homepage and latest offer. Now turn to register a new domain so click to get started button. And Enter your favorite domain name. Suppose I bought for this walkthrough.


On this page has two parts one is your account information and another one is your package information. Fill out the correct account information and make sure your email is correct because they will need to validate your account but don’t submit this page just yet.

Step 2.1 : Now we scroll down to the bottom of the package and look at the package information section. In this section, they try to upsell you a bunch of services that most likely you will not need so I would make sure to uncheck them all.


You may want to keep the whois privacy service checked if you don’t want the world or a crazy ex to know that the website is yours and to be able to easily look you up your address and phone number. It would add ten dollars a year to your expenses but depend on what you want it might be worthwhile for you. Personally, most of the time I don’t choose this option.

Step 3 : Enter your payment information for complete your purchasing and now click to terms Of service and many more options in. And Finally, reviews once your all Information you entered and then submit Button.

Step 4 : After your successful purchasing you will receive an invoice from Bluehost in your email.

Step 5 : In Your email, you’ll see all your login details for your account with username : …………. Password : ………… and control panel link.

Step 6 : Now we’ll be prompted to log-in and should do so.

Step 7 : On the upper left click the cPanel tab.


Step 8 : In the middle of the cPanel page, you’ll see a “Need Help Getting Started” box – just click the “No, thanks, I’m fine” to get rid of it. If you ever do need help then click the Help tab on the upper right and they’re some resources listed there that might be helpful to you at a later date.

Step 9 : Alright so at this point, we’re pretty close. We need to install WordPress so you can start blogging on your site. Scroll down to the middle of this page

Step 10 : Under the Software/Services section choose MOJO Marketplace (formerly Simple Scripts) option.


Step 11 : Now that we’re on the simple scripts page – choose the WordPress link.


Step 12 : Click the “Install” button


Step 13 : Choose the domain name to install it to.


In the field next to the domain, you can enter a subfolder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the site’s main page to be the blog.

Step 14 : If necessary, you can edit the email address, username, and password for the new WordPress installation. Click “advanced options” and you can change those settings.

Step 15 : Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes.

Step 16 : Select the Install Now button.


Step 17 : Once it’s finished you should get a screen with your word press log-in information. Once again write that down somewhere as you’ll to know it in the future.

Note: If you didn’t actually get the log-in credentials for WordPress I know a workaround that can help. Take your URL – in my case, it was and add /wp-log.php to it. This is your WordPress login screen.

The address should be something like this but with your domain name in it – or The default username for a WordPress install is “admin” so click the “Lost your Password” link and go through the process. Soon you’ll receive an email so that you can reset your password.

Your Hosting is Now Set-Up and Running :

Congratulations !!!. You made it through the hosting set-up walkthrough and your website is now online and you’re ready to start creating content. Be sure to save any emails Bluehost has sent you as they probably contain useful information that you’ll need in the future or if you want to delete them, make sure you’ve copied down all the passwords and other useful info.

See Hosting Plans : Go To BlueHost

Dear reader, please drop your feedback in below comment box if you find this useful for you and spread it you social media thanks in advance. Good Luck!

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