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0 Review is Realy Scam Or Not ?

by AdminAugust 24, 2016 Marketing has been the business for 10 years. It combines technology with a deep knowledge and experience to help customers generate revenue through content marketing. is one of the oldest and largest “sponsored content” networks,

Many publishers say it’s scam but my experience with the content ad is not like that. You first need to learn what exactly scam means, you seems has no idea or have not been really scammed by any network that is why you have no idea what you talking. Just because you do not like their rate does not make it scam network, this is your choice if you want to work at that rate or not, if not just move to another network.


Yes, they have very low rates, I agree . But this does not mean they are the scam. You can say they scam only when if you have reached the minimum amount or payout and you didn’t get paid in their network terms.

My revenue from, It is very nice. It is a well-paying ad network for me than other ad networks like Chitika, bidvertiser, and infolinks etc.

Capabilities of for Publishers

Top CPM in the Industry has one of the best CPMs in the industry. Publishers are able to earn a lot of money via the modern optimization algorithm. The company has a generous revenue share structure to ensure that publishers are also happy.

Flexible Ad Sizes has a wide range of ad styles and sizes. Their ad units are responsible so that the widget can match the website when viewing on any device.

Big Pool of Advertisers is a large ad network and that means that it has a big pool of advertisers. There’s no need to rotate several contents provides for each location and device.

No Commitments and Pressures

The ad network believes that the website owner is free to do whatever one wants to do with the website. That means it doesn’t persuade the publisher from using other ad networks to monetize the site.

Pros and cons of


  • It is a paying and trusted ad network.
  • It is giving the good cost per click rates.
  • can be used along with Adsense
  • It looks natural on your site.
  • It has fairly high CTR because sponsored posts are very attractive.


  • It will increase your bounce rate.
  • Rates are less than AdSense.
  • Payment is one month late.
  • There are few payment methods.
  • Looks Like This on My Blog:

Screenshot-42 Media Network info

Network Name Network
Headquarter US
Network Type CPC, sponsored, widget, traffic
Publishers Rating  6.3/10


If you are a blogger and want to earn some extra money from your site along with Adsense then you should use or if you don’t have Adsense, then you should use the as your primary ad network as this in my experience is one of the best AdSense alternatives.

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