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Convert Video File Format using VLC Media Player : Awesome Tricks Isn’t Know?

Convert Video File Format using VLC Media Player : Awesome Tricks Isn’t Know?

by AdminAugust 24, 2016

VLC Media player is one of the best media players for windows. VLC media player can play almost all type of files related to audio and video.VLC come with many dozens of features. But if you using this media player for watching latest movies and music,you missed a lot of hidden VLC media player features. Today in this post I tell you lots of hidden features of VLC media player that you don’t know.


Many VLC media players don’t know that tricks. VLC can change and convert the videos to many formats. SO don’t download software for changing video format.

Step 1. Navigate to Media >> Convert/Save


Step 2. On the next screen, click “Add” and add media files by browsing

Step 3. Now, click on Convert/Save button provided at the bottom.


Step 4. On the next screen, choose desirable video format to play video on your device.
Step 5. Finally, click Start and VLC will start converting your video file to desirable video format.

After conversion, VLC will open converted media file in front of you.

VLC Media Player Shortcuts

VLC has built-in shortcuts. There are people who are more used to using the keyboard than the mouse of their desktop or laptop and VLC Media Player has taken this into consideration. Here are the keyboard shortcuts in VLC Media Player.

  • F for Fullscreen
  • Space bar for Play or Pause
  • + to play the multimedia faster.
  • S for Stop.
  • Ctrl + q to Quit.
  • Ctrl + Up arrow key to make the volume higher.
  • Ctrl + Down arrow key to lower the volume.
  • m to mute the multimedia file.
  • Shift + Right arrow key to skip forward.
  • Shift + Left arrow key to skip backward.
  • Ctrl + T and enter the time you want the video to jump into.

Feel free to drop your idea in the comment box about this post and You can also post more tricks regarding VLC media player, Thanks keep reading and explore knowledge.

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