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Google Adsense Requirements to Approve an Adsense Account Quickly

Google Adsense Requirements to Approve an Adsense Account Quickly

by AdminAugust 24, 2016

Toady Google AdSense approval is a very tough job for the new blogger who desperately want to Approve their Google Adsense account quickly. If you are one of them, you also might be searching for how to approve Google Adsense account.

But prior to applying for the Adsense account, you should know some Google AdSense Requirements so that you can target those areas and increase the chances of Approving your Google AdSense account and earn more money from your blog.adsense


Note : If your BlogSpot account has the sufficient number of post (minimum 5+) then it’s easy to get your AdSense account approved. If you have personal domain and host chances of AdSense approval are very high

First of all, you must have a fully published website (older than 6 months if you are belongs to India or china), and I recommend you to add as many pages or posts as you can and generate huge traffic to maximize your online income. Read following guidelines and make you’re self-aware of Google AdSense Requirements and Policies.

Google Adsense Requirements to Approve your Adsense Account

Payee/Contact Name : You must be able to receive checks made payable to the name on your AdSense application, AdSense applications with incomplete names won’t be approved.

Address : Only AdSense applications with valid mailing addresses will be approved. Please provide your complete address including as much of the information listed below as is available for your location.

Street Address (including house number, street name/number, flat/apartment number)

  • City / Town
  • State / Area
  • Zip Code
  • Country / Territory

Email Address : The email address you enter will be the login you use to sign into AdSense.

Under Construction/Difficult Site Navigation : In order to be approved, your website must be launched and contain enough textual content for google specialists to evaluate. Websites that are under construction, don’t load, or have non-functioning links, will not be approved. Please ensure that the URL on your application is entered correctly.

Site Ownership : You must have access to edit the HTML source code of the website you submit for AdSense. If you submit a site you don’t own (for example,, you won’t be able to place the AdSense code on the site and your application will not be approved.

In some locations, including China and India, Google also require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months.

Unsupported Language : Unfortunately, AdSense is not yet available for all languages. If the primary language of your website doesn’t match with the Google’s list of supported languages, They will be unable to approve your application.

Other Disapproval Reasons : For a complete list of requirements for a successful AdSense application, please read program policies in detail.

Key areas where you should most concentrate on while applying for an Adsense account.

  • Don’t click on your own ads.
  • Don’t ask others to click on your ads.
  • Don’t include any prohibited site content, including adult content, violence or excessive profanity, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), or copyrighted material.
  • Don’t modify the AdSense code.
  • Do follow Webmaster Quality Guidelines.
  • Do provide a good user experience.
  • Don’t place more than 3 ad units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes on any page.
  • Don’t place images near ads in a way that may mislead users into thinking that the images are associated with the ads.

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