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How Much Money Make From YouTube’s List Of Top Five…

How Much Money Make From YouTube’s List Of Top Five…

by AdminAugust 25, 2016

YouTube is the better place to earn if you are having a creative mind and some presentation and communication skills. There are many persons working on YouTube. We have ranked the YouTube Stars who earn in millions from YouTube.

A range of earnings estimates for each channel was provided by YouTube analytics company SocialBlade. Its estimates are placed within upper and lower limits, based on their daily views multiplied by a low cost-per-thousand impression advertising (CPM) rate of $0.60 and a high rate of $5.


The range is wide to account for differences in the type of ad (including kinds of banner ads and pre-roll) and brand value. These estimates also assume that every video is monetized, which is not always the case.

After subtracting the Google’s 45% cut, these YouTube stars are earning enough.

05. SkyDoesMinecraft

  • $293,000-$2.92 million estimated yearly income after YouTube’s 45% cut.
  • 10,882,441 total subscribers.

Adam Dahlberg is a massively popular Minecraft YouTuber who originally got popular as part of a Minecraft team called Team Crafted. Like many Minecraft YouTubers, Dahlberg frequently posts gameplay videos and commentary.

04. Smosh

$245.1K – $3.9 Million estimated yearly income after YouTube’s 45% cut.
35 million subscribers.

Smosh is a comedy duo consisting of YouTube veterans Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Smosh was one of the first YouTube sensations, becoming well-known for their slapstick comedy videos that parody video games and pop culture. The duo has shown no signs of slowing down, opening up multiple channels and an app for their content. Currently, they have eight YouTube channels producing content, all with significant views and subscribers, including Smosh, IanH, WatchUsLiveAndStuff, ElSmosh, SmoshGames and Anthony Padilla. They have also been in talks to begin airing their comedy content on television.

03. PewDiePie $412.6K – $6.6 Million estimated yearly income after YouTube’s 45% cut.

  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg
  • 34,885,795 subscribers.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a foul-mouthed Swedish video-game commentator who has absolutely dominated YouTube over the last year. His videos feature Kjellberg playing various video games, while a box in the top corner of the screen shows his reactions to what is happening.

Kjellberg has broken numerous YouTube growth records, jumping from 12M subscribers in August 2013 to over 20M in January 2014. Many attribute his success to the attention he pays to his fans. Kjellberg spends lots of time talking about his fans, answering their questions in the YouTube comments section, and forming a community of “bros.”

02. BluCollection

  • $561.8K – $9 Million estimated yearly income after YouTube’s 45% cut.
  • 1,727,424 subscribers.

Like DisneyCollectorBR, BluCollection is a YouTube channel dedicated to opening, assembling and playing with a variety of toys. The unnamed YouTuber gives reviews of car toys, Disney toys, and Play-Doh.

01. DisneyCollectorBR

  • $1.2M – $19.6 Million estimated yearly income after YouTube’s 45% cut.
  • 3,882,627 subscribers.

DisneyCollectorBR is the YouTube channel of an unnamed Brazilian woman who posts videos of her opening, assembling, and playing with Disney toys, all while providing commentary in a soothing voice. It’s a favorite of many children, whose parents find that they can put the videos on to calm and entertain their kids.

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