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How To Activate/Start Wampserver Rewrite Module

How To Activate/Start Wampserver Rewrite Module

by AdminAugust 25, 2016

How To Activate Wampserver Rewrite Module – there is a few important thing that had related to WordPress using wamp server, there is Activate Rewrite Module.

By activating Rewrite Module, so the functions of rewrite will process well. One examples the use of rewrite is Permalink format setting.


If the function of Rewrite Module is not enabled, when you want to set your permalink blog of WordPress, so the posting web will be error page 404 (not found).

Not Found

The Requested URL/wordpress/2013/02/14/hello-world/ was not found on the server

To anticipate that problem, so you should activate rewrite module wampServer. There is the step to activate that :

1.Activate WampServer
2.WampServer has activated, click icon Wampserver then choose Apache, then click Apache Modules, give checkmark at rewrite_module.


3.Now rewrite module has activated, and your permalink setting will process well.

I hope this information can give advantages for you.

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