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How To Add Disqus Comment Count In Blogger Blogs

How To Add Disqus Comment Count In Blogger Blogs

by AdminAugust 26, 2016

You noticed that most of the blogger or website provide comment system for the own user where the user drops feedback and comment this improve more visitor engagement on your blog. Here Disqus commenting system is one of the flexible commenting systems out there with no of features options integrated into it.

Once you begin with Disqus comment system, you’ll feel that one thing is missing, that’s the comment figure your Blogger homepage or in your articles. This may be simply debugged to induce a comment count likewise the reaction count for your Blogspot website.

Let’s begin with a creation of an application which will give us a secret key and a public key. We are going to use the public key to get the comment count.


Follow the steps below to create an application.

  • Login to Disqus
  • Go to Application page
  • and click Register new application.
  • Fill the form and register your application
  • After registration, again go to the Application page and there you can see a link that says ‘configure a trusted domain’, click on that link to get a public API because from those domains only the request can be sent (for some security and privacy issues).

Clicking link will get you to the settings and scroll down to domain text box and write the trusted domains. Note that Disqus allows 1000 requests per hour, you can increase the limit by contacting them. After saving the domains you will get public API.

Use the below jQuery script to get the comment count using API key:

<span class='comment-count' data-disqus=''></span>
$(function () {
 var disqusPublicKey = "Disqus_Public_Key";
 var disqusShortname = "Disqus_Shortname";
 var threadUrl = 'link:' + $(',comment-count').attr('data-disqus');
 type: 'GET',
 url: '',
 data: {
 api_key: disqusPublicKey,
 forum: disqusShortname,
 thread: threadUrl
 cache: false,
 dataType: 'jsonp',
 success: function (result) {
 if (result.response.length === 1) {
 } else {
 $('.post-comments').text('No Comments');

Replace the highlighted code with their respective values to get the Disqus comment count.
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