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How To Add Favicon Image In Blogger Easy Step?

How To Add Favicon Image In Blogger Easy Step?

by AdminAugust 26, 2016

When you visit a website or blog, in addition to the website address will look a small icon. The icon is called favicon. If we create a blog on blogger / BlogSpot, then in addition to our blog address will look blogger favicon logo.


The blogger favicon can be changed as you wish. Want to know?

Here are the steps to add a favicon in blogger

  • Create a banner
  • The first step, create an image that will be made as a favicon. Dimensions of the image must be a square, say the size 100 x 100 px. A maximum of 100Kb.


  • Keep these images in your computer.

Upload the favicon to Blogger

The next step is to upload the image that had been made to the blogger. Here are the steps:

  • Please, login to blogger with your ID.
  • Click the drop-down menu, then click the Layout


  • Click Edit on the favicon Widgets

Click Edit on the favicon Widgets

  • Click Browse and select images that have been made earlier
  • Click the Save button.


  • Done.

Your Favicon has been successfully uploaded, but to see the changes take several hours. Please wait 5-12 hours and your favicon will appear.

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