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How To Add FREE AddThis Welcome Bar In Blogger?

How To Add FREE AddThis Welcome Bar In Blogger?

by AdminAugust 26, 2016

Recently I have come up with this welcome bar to greet my readers by showing them useful content from my blog and become more engaging, I have seen this on quite a few websites and blogs and I found it very cool especially if you want to drive that visitor to either read some of your evergreen content.

You can use welcome bar also to make your visitors follow you on twitter,facebook,google plus or any other social network It allows your readers to share blog posts if they find helpful with their facebook,twitter friends.welcome-bar_loopingwelcome-bar_looping

Another think which I like here is Go To Url feature in this you put the URL of the web page and send your readers to read it, It great supposes you are having a sales page then sending traffic to your sales pages will get you some sales It’s also great to increase your blog email subscribers.

How to Add AddThis Welcome bar in Blogger Blog

Step # 1: Go to and Register

Step # 2: After logging, a customization panel is displayed


Step # 3: To customize the bar, you must select a theme (color), enter the message you need to show, enter the link connected with the button that is shown on the bar.

Step # 4: You need to copy the code proposed by AddThis into your blog. To do that go to, open the Template, click on HTMLand paste the code in the head section and Save.

This Welcome widget will make your visitors happy and attract more visitors also. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and drop your views in comment box till then Happy Blogging!

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