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How To Create A Gmail Account

How To Create A Gmail Account

by AdminAugust 27, 2016

How to create a Gmail account – If you are involved in the internet, have an email is a must. Many online activities require you to use email, Examples sign up to facebook, twitter, blog, online shopping and so forth. Email is a mailbox in cyberspace, it is a means to communicate to receive and send messages. So, have an email address from now.


Many options to create an email address, some are free and some are paid. An example of a paid email service is the name of the email based on domain names, example: [email protected], the costs are paid hosting service for the domain name. Besides the pay, there are many free email services, the world’s leading email services including the Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and many others.

How to create a Gmail account

In this post, Kang Rohman will explain how to create an email in Gmail (google mail). Here’s how to create a Gmail account:

Please visit the following Gmail address:
Turn your attention to the right side of the monitor, then click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button. You will be taken the first page of the application form.
Create new gmail account
Fill out the available form with your personal data.
Name: First > fill with your first name. Lats > fill with your name
Choose your username: this is what will be your email address, then fill with the desired name, eg: azaraazuri. So, your email address would be azaraazuri You should know that the name of the email can only be owned by one person for the whole world, therefore the name is already taken by someone else you can not get or otherwise not available to be made a new email. If not available, then you should find another name, or try to add a number, eg: azaraazuri4562012, azaraazuri4561234 or others that are still available.
Create a password: fill in your desired password. Advice, make a strong password that is not easily scanned by the evil bot software code is a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters, for example, t-= 3AHaeswe> C_I. If you’re having trouble creating a strong password, try using an online tool Strong Password Generator e.g
Confirm your password: re-write password (must be exact), for example: t-= 3AHaeswe> C_I
Date of birth: fill in your birth date
Gender: fill in your gender
Mobile phone: fill in your mobile phone number
Your current email address: fill in your email address to another existing one. If you do not have another email address, then empty it. Email recovery is useful, if you ever want to get into your email account and forgot the password used, then you can request a password via the email address of this recovery.
Prove you’re not a robot: fill in the words that appear when you create an email. Every word that appears will always be different every person you pass or refresh the page making email, commonly referred to as the word captcha.
Location: Please select a location Diman you live.

Put a checklist on the I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

gmail create account

  • Click the Next Step
  • If you want to include a photo, click the ADD PROFILE PHOTO. When you want straight to your Gmail account, click the Next Step
  • Then click the Continue to Gmail
  • Done.

A Gmail account can be used for a variety of Google products, eg, blogger, webmaster tools google, google analytics, Feedburner and more.

Email Security Tips

Email is an extremely vital on the internet, you must maintain the confidentiality of the email account password, do not let friends, girlfriend, sister or someone else will know the password that you use.

Here are some email safety tips:

  • Create a strong password. A Strong password is a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters. On the internet a lot of malicious software that can scan password, the password is a word contained in the dictionary is a weak password and easily collapse.
  • Keep your password. You should keep your password even though it told a close friend, boyfriend or your brother.
  • Do not use the same password for sign up to other sites. If one day you sign up to sites on the Internet, such as Facebook, twitter, hi5, or others, use your password to another, do not use the same password to the main email.
  • Use another email to sign up for those sites are less trusted. If you want to sign up to sites that did not clear the site such as the level of trust in social bookmarking sites scattered around the internet, online business program and the other, you should not use your primary email, make another email for security.
  • On the internet a lot of malicious parties who take advantage of an email, there are those who sell email data to others, anyone can break into your email and others, so be careful.
  • Of course, there are many steps to secure your email accounts from those who intend evil, but just four points only on this occasion not to be too long.

That’s How to create a Gmail account from this tutorial, may be useful.

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