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How To Disable Facebook video auto-play on Android Phone?

How To Disable Facebook video auto-play on Android Phone?

by AdminAugust 27, 2016

Facebook is widely using social media platform today’s world, And most of the users of facebook using android app for facebook social media whereas facebook always provides more features for Android App users so the Facebook android app has now updated with many features. But few updates are not like by Facebook Android App users.


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Autoplay Videos in facebook android app is the quite annoyed feature in this app. Autoplay consumes your mobile data (limited plan) and your phone battery. Here webgyd post how to disable autoplay videos on the Facebook android app.

Two step to disable auto-play Facebook Videos

Step 1. First Open the Facebook app. When the app is opened, tap the menu key, and choose Settings

Screenshot-1 Step 2. Find the Auto-play videos on Wifi option only, and turn it on.


In the latest update of the facebook android app this feature is by default. So you shut it down this annoyed feature.

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