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How To Hide Comments Form In Blogger For All Posts ?

How To Hide Comments Form In Blogger For All Posts ?

by AdminSeptember 14, 2016

Now learn some basic tips about how to disable & enable comments box in blogger for all posts & pages in blogger. So here are some basic tips about how to remove comments box in blogger blog. The today article is all about how to disable & turn off comments form in Blogger Template.


Why Remove Or Hide Comments Form In Blogger ?

Interesting questions why we need to hide & block the comments fo
rm in blogger because sometimes we have a blog for officials offices & Governments Organization’s sectors, school & colleges in which there is no need to have a comments form, Area because these organization only wants to spread their information,data with the public. So they never need to have comments on theirs Blog/ Website.

How To Hide Comments Form In Blogger For All Posts ?

This is a very simple trick in which we do not need to edit our Blog posts or removing & deleting coding from Blogger Template. We can do it easily to hide the comment form in blogger by using a piece of code in blogger templates.
Go to blogger Dashboard:
Template >> Edit Html:
Search >>Css part ]]></b:skin> Click Black Arrow to expand:
See the below screen shots



After Expanding Come to closing tag ]]></b:skin>. its look like this.


Just above ]]></b:skin> Past the Below Code

#comments {
display: none!important;

Save Your Template you almost done: Refresh the page:
Now You have no more comments box in your blogger blog:
But if you want to show comment box again then just only remove the above code from your template:

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