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How To Make 10,000 US Dollar By Designing 1 Website in 1 Month

How To Make 10,000 US Dollar By Designing 1 Website in 1 Month

by AdminSeptember 14, 2016

In this article, I will share you a niche that is wide open right now. I will tell you what kind of site you should make to satisfy the potential customers in this niche and where to monetize what you’ve created.

For this to work you need to be a web designer or have a web designer friend. You will also need to know how to code a design so it becomes a WordPress theme or you can outsource this. Outsourcing will cost around 250 Dollar.

1. The niche
Currently, there’s a shortage of High-quality web shop templates for WordPress on Themeforest. Shop owners wanting to buy a template for their shop can choose out of only about 12 templates or so. Themeforest is extremely popular at the moment and lots of people are starting to realize they can get a high-quality template for their web shop with custom CMS for pocket change.

2. The Product
To find out the kind of web shop people are looking for, take a look at the search results on ThemeForest. You can choose to make a template for a category that’s not on there yet or you can choose to make a “universal” template for all kinds of web shops.

Just be sure to make it for something specific. Naming it “booster” like the one on the image below will generate fewer sales because buyers have no idea what you’re on about.

ThemeForest offers 40-70% of the price to you as a web designer for your unique work. You can’t sell it elsewhere if you want to get this %. If you do sell it elsewhere, you get 25% of each sale. The percentage depends on sales volume.


Now stop reading this article and go make a template and report back to me on how much money you’ve made. I’ve seen people make 10,000 or more in 1 month. Go check out if you don’t believe me…

Original author :  younes lamdoun

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