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How to Recover Deleted Messages, Videos And Photos From Facebook ?

How to Recover Deleted Messages, Videos And Photos From Facebook ?

by AdminSeptember 15, 2016

Hey webgyd readers, hope you will be fine. Today tutorials based on social media like facebook in this tutorials I will explain how to recover deleted messages, videos, and photos from your facebook account. So you are the right place guys I will tell you the very easy method to recover your lost or deleted data of your facebook account.

Sometimes facebook users delete own data but later on FB users feel, that was useful for me and I have deleted my data. But no problem, there is always a solution to any problem.facebook-message-1024x576

You can not only recover deleted facebook messages, video and pictures instead this will bring all your information from the start of your account to the time present. It is not so difficult to recover deleted Facebook data, you can learn and apply it very easily, just be attentive and stay with me.

If you are not feel good with the matter that you have lost your Facebook data and how to recover it, then just be easy and follow the Popular Saying : Nothing is Lost, until MOM can’t find it.

So we are going to do the same and will retrieve your deleted Facebook messages and etc. Facebook save all your data and activity even if you have deleted it from the display or your account, but if you will request the Facebook then you will find it or get back easily.

Anyhow, let’s start, recover deleted Facebook messages, Photos and Videos. Follow my simple steps to recover your data.

Step 1. Login into your Facebook account, And click on the arrow and then click on the Setting.


Step 2. In the Setting under General Setting, after the Temperature tab, you will see a link with the anchor “Download a copy of your Facebook data. ”


Step 3. Click on the link and this will lead you to the Download Page.

Step 4. Now click on the “Start My Archive” and this will ask you to enter your FB account password, enter the PW.


Step 5. After you have successfully made the Download Request, this will ask you to check your Email that you have used for the sign up to FB account.


Step 6. Check your Email account, there will be two emails one with the request that you have made and the other will be with the Download link.


Step 7. Click on the download link that you have provided in the 2nd email, this will download a .RAR file.

Step 8. Extract the .rar file on your computer drive and there will be a complete list of the data section wise.

Step 9. You have successfully downloaded or recovered your lost Facebook data, and you can now access everything you need.

I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and recover all thing you need from own facebook account. feel free to ask anything you need, in a comment box. And share this tutorial with your friends for helping them.

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