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How To Set up Discussion Menu On WordPress ?

How To Set up Discussion Menu On WordPress ?

by AdminSeptember 15, 2016

Firstly, you should know that Discussion menu is related to the blog comments, so any settings on the discussion menu will impact on the comments

Here are step-by-step how to setting up discussion menu:

  1. Please, login to the admin area of your WordPress blog.
  2. Highlight the Settings menu on the left bottom, and then select Discussion.


3. Checklist the box if you want. Then click Save Changes.

Default article settings: Put a check or the uncheck, as you wish. Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article: notice if there is a blog that makes the link of the article. Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.): Allow others to do the blog pingbacks or trackbacks. Allow people to post comments on new articles: blogs allow visitors to be able to comment on any new articles.

Other comment settings: Just check the box or not. Comment author must fill out name and e-mail: if checked, a comment must fill out the form name and email. Users must be registered and logged in to comment: if checked, only the readers must be registered and logged in can make comments, generally is not in check. Automatically close comments on articles older than if checked, then automatically shut down every article commented on the time limit specified. Enable threaded (nested) comments: This is so that there are facilities reply comments, reply comments may set level degree. Break comments into pages with If the comments are too much, your blog pages to be less comfortable, with it can determine how the number of comments that can be performed, for the rest there will be a link.

E-mail me Whenever: Put checks or not. Anyone posts a comment: If checked, then any comments there which will be sent a notification to your email (author email). A comment is held for moderation: If checked, so there are moderate incoming comments will be sent an email notification.
Appears Before a comment: Staying put checks or not. An administrator must always approve the comment: If checked, any incoming comments the admin must manually approve, generally, is not checked. Comment author must have a comment Previously approved: If checked, then the first comment from every visitor must first disapprove by admin.

Comment Moderation: On Hold a comment in the queue if it contains: write the number of links allowed in comments, if visitors to comment and put a link to reach the amount authorized, then the comment will be moderation in advance. Here, there is also a facility to filter through the name, URL, e-mail, or IP.
Comment Blacklist: enter the words that you think is inappropriate about a comment, examples like (sorry) a dog, pig, demon, gay and other dirty words. It order to keep the comments clean of words was inappropriate. If this is done, then the comment containing the word element of the blacklist will be netted as comment spam and will not appear on the blog.

Avatar Display: Select the Show Avatars if you want to display an avatar or select Don’t show Avatars if you do not want to display the avatar.

Maximum Rating: Select as you wish.

Default Avatar: Select the preferred avatar.


Additional Info About Discussion Menu

Setting up Discussion menu is nothing dangerous for anyone, so do not be afraid to try. However, at the option of Users must be registered and logged in to comment and Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.), I recommend don’t check it

Hopefully this article about How to Setup Discussion Menu on WordPress useful to you.

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