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How to Set up General Menu on WordPress ?

How to Set up General Menu on WordPress ?

by AdminSeptember 15, 2016

Previously I have posted tutorials on WordPress that how to set up discussion menu on WordPress But now in this WordPress tutorial, I will try to write about how to setup General menu on WordPress. In the Settings menu, there are sub menus such as menu General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Privacy, and Permalinks.  Here are the steps to set up General menu:

1. Please, login to the admin area of your WordPress blog.
2. Highlight Settings menu on the left of your screen, and then select General.


3. Please fill out the form and then click Save Changes.

Site Title: Fill in the title of your blog. Example: How To Start Blog On WordPress
Tagline: Fill in a description of the blog. Example: One step more easily creates a blog with WordPress
WordPress Address (URL): By default will populate your WordPress domain name without the www, for example,, it means that your blog while on the go with www or without www will redirect to the address without the www. If you want to access your blog using the www, then replace the domain with www, example:
Site Address (URL): Fill in the same domain as WordPress Address (URL).
E-mail Address: fill in your email address.
Membership: tick mark on the small box beside Anyone can register when other people can sign up to your blog. However, generally for a personal blog feature is not enabled, so let it be unchecked.
New User Default Role: select as expected, this effect only if Anyone can register is activated.
Timezone: fill in your desired time zone.
Date Format: select the date format.
Time Format: select the time format.
Week Starts On: select the desired first day.


4. Set up of General menu is complete.

Hopefully, this article on How to Set up General Menu on WordPress can be helpful for those of you who are looking for this information.

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