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How To Set Up WordPress Dashboard Easily ?

How To Set Up WordPress Dashboard Easily ?

by AdminSeptember 15, 2016

WordPress dashboard is the page that you see when logging into the admin area of WordPress blog. When you log in, you’ll see widgets contains information about Right Now, Recent Comments, Incoming Links, Plugins, QuickPress, Recent Draft, WordPress Blog, and Other WordPress News. The following is example of WordPress dashboard:


The widgets are intended to provide quick information to you. However, because the interest of each blog owner is different, of course, sometimes the information provided is not deemed necessary. However, WordPress Developer gives the freedom, you can show or hide the widgets.

How to set up WordPress dashboard

  • Please, login to the admin area of your WordPress blog.
  • Click the Screen Options menu at the top right.


Here you can select which widgets that want to show or hide. In the Show on screen, remove the check mark on the information that is not wanted to show. On the Screen, Layout select the desired view.


Click the Options Screen to close set up option.

Showing a lot of widgets on WordPress dashboard, resulting in loading the dashboard to be a little slow. Therefore, there is a good idea to only show widget which is considered necessary only.

Hopefully, this article about How to set up WordPress dashboard can increase your knowledge about WordPress.

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