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Increase Your Blog And Website Traffic With Easy way

Increase Your Blog And Website Traffic With Easy way

by AdminSeptember 15, 2016

A blog’s traffic is one of the most weight carrying properties of a blog. You need to work a lot in order to get traffic. As it is an important thing it also deserves owner’s attention and hard work. Today I’ll tell you one of the basic things you should do in order to increase your blog’s traffic.


Write Good Content: The first thing you have to think about is what you write in your blog. If you’ll write something that is already easily available on the web then you won’t get any traffic because all of the users will be directed to those sites which are already highly ranked. You should try to post innovative, informative and attractive content in order to get the attention of users. Post something that is more important and interesting to users. Post something that is not already available on the web. In this way, more and more users will start visiting your blog.

  • Choose a Great Title:

When you search something on Google and find links in blue, before clicking a particular link what do you see first? The green line which shows the exact URL of the website. That’s what makes a user decide whether he/she should open it or not. If it’s something that appears useless then no one is going to open it but if it appears good and looks more professional then surely user will open that link. So that’s what have to focus. Choose a short, professional looking and meaningful blog title.

  • Social Networking Sites:

Create your blog’s page on social traffic websites and gain followers there. Share that page with your friends. Once you get followers you also start to share your blog’s post’s link there and it will drive traffic in this way.

  • Publicize It:

Once you have clearly focused on what’s written above, your blog needs publicity. You have to tell your friends about your blog. Tell them to take a view and browse it and also share with their own friends. This will help you get more traffic but it only depends on upon whether your friends liked your blog’s content or not. If they don’t then they won’t share it either!

  • Link Exchanges:

Try to search for blogs that have and share the same material which you do. Ask them if they accept link exchanges. If they do then what you to do is that they will put the link to your blog on their blog and you have to put their blog’s link on your blog.

  • Post on attractive topics:

Try to search out for currently circulating hot news. If you find some then you should definitely write about them. This will attract users to your blog.

  • Guest Posts:

If you’re confident enough that you think that other bloggers will like and appreciate your blog’s content then search out for other blogs whose posts are relevant to yours then check out whether they accept guest posts or not. If they do then carefully write a nice attractive post on their blog and at the end of the post give your blog’s link as well.

  • Join Blog Aggregators:

Keep them posted whenever you update your blog. No matter how you do it but you should definitely inform them.

  • Optimization:

Try to make your blog more optimized on search engines. Try to rank them enough that they come on the first or second page.

  • Design of Your Blog:

Design affects traffic heavily. If the design of your blog is complex having too many divisions, sections and buttons etcetera then the user won’t like to see your blog. He/she will just click the back button before reading what’s actually written there. So even if you have good content but you have a bad design then your good content is totally useless. Try to design your blog in such a way that it looks simple and attractive but along with that, it should be very easy to use. Try to make it as many users friendly as you can. But remember one thing, don’t add too many things in its design as it will slow your blog’s speed down.

  • BlogWalk:

Go on searching other blogs similar to your blogs read their posts and interact with their users via comments then share your blog’s link there as well.

I hope this article helpful. If you have any question feel free to ask me anytime.


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