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Salman Khan Workout Schedule and diet plan With Tips

Salman Khan Workout Schedule and diet plan With Tips

by AdminSeptember 17, 2016

What you need to know
Salman Khan’s workouts routines
Salman Khan’s fitness/bodybuilding secrets
Salman Khan’s dieting plans


Advilkar, who is a fitness trainer and has trained Salman for over 6 years
“Salman works out for at least two hours continuously. His workout includes one hour of cardio- concentrating on any two body parts each time- triceps, legs, back, and biceps” says D’souza

He has got perfect abs and works a lot to keep them in shape. “He does five hundred crunches, pull-ups and chin-ups” adds D’Souza.

As you can see, His workout is definitely not for you if you are a beginner, his strength and stamina are beyond normal, this is what is called ‘old fashioned bodybuilding’ very effective and amazing for building strength.

One thing’s for certain, Salman doesn’t touch junk food ever. His food is purely natural like meats, vegetables, and fruits. In an interview, Salman says the last thing he would do is feed his body unhealthy food and synthesized food

Salman Khan diets plan

Salman Khan dietary plan is one of the factors that make him active, fit and busy even in his tight schedule. Salman Khan prefers to take home cooked foods to keep himself fit and healthy. Salman Khan diet comprises numerous nutrients such as protein, vitamins, fat, minerals, fiber, roughage, etc. He favors protein rich diet like chicken, fish, eggs, etc. He likes to avoid junk foods. He takes around 3000 calories a day. He follows diet charts to get the best result from his workouts. Salman Khan daily diet plans is as follow:


Breakfast: eggs, bread, butter, mix vegetables, chapattis and low-fat milk. He also likes to take heavy breakfast when spends time with his family.

Lunch: Non-vegetarian food. His lunch includes one non-veg item, fried fish, salad, and lots of fruits

Dinner: Mainly takes chicken and fish. He also takes vegetables and different soups. His favorite food is Italian one

Salman Khan Workout Schedule

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he mainly concentrates on weight training.

  • He warms up by doing exercises such as jumping, squat thrusts, and push-ups
  • Follows them up with dead-lifts that are necessary for the development of leg as well as back muscles
  • Bench Press (both inclined and flat) for the biceps and chest muscles
  • Then he does the shoulder push press
  • He does 4 sets of exercises for the smaller muscles with 6-8 reps while 6 sets of exercises for the large muscles
  • are done with 12-14 reps
  • Concludes his training session by slowly jogging on a treadmill

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, his focus shifts to abs and cardio exercises

  • Starts with a 15-minute running session on the treadmill
  • Follows it up with 3-5 abs circuit comprising back extensions, side planks, crunches, and reverse crunches,
  • which are repeated 25 times
  • Then he does around 1000 sit-ups
  • Ends the session with an hour of cardio
  • On Sunday, he takes rest.

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Salman Khan bodybuilding tips

  1. Salman Khan is 48 and still fit and vibrant due to his discipline workout routine and planned dietary food habits.
  2. Salman Khan is a fitness freak actor, who follow strict lifestyle regimen to maintain his physique.
  3. He does an intense workout like push-ups 1000 times and sit-ups 2000 times.
  4. He exercises at least 3 hours daily.
  5. The four mantras of his exercise schedule are gymming, cycling, swimming, and right kind of foods.
  6. 3 D-Devotion, Dedication & Determination as well as the right kind of foods are the basic tips of his bodybuilding
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