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September 15, 2016

How To Start Blog On Free ?

How To Start Blog on Blogger – What is Blog? The blog is short for “Weblog”, which is a web application containing note or writing that are usually called “post” and displaying on the web pages. The posts are often displayed orderly based on the age or based on the time when the writing is written and published, so when you view a blog, you will first find the latest posts, top to bottom of the web page and the first to the last page, if the blog has had more than one web page.

For the first time, a blog was created as the online private notes, but along with its development and popularity, a blog has various types of contents or writings such as tutorial (e.g. this [...]

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September 15, 2016

How To Set Up Posts And Comments Menu On Blogger Dashboard ?

How To Set up Posts and Comments Menu On Blogger – After setting up the basic menu,the next steps are Set up Posts and Comments Menu.

Here are the steps for Setting up Posts and comments menu:

Please login to blogger with your ID Click the drop-down menu, then click Settings Click Posts and comments


Show at most This feature is to set how many posts you want displaying on the front page. Write the desired amount, for example, 7 posts

Post Template Post Template allows you to enter the text or HTML code, so the text or HTML code automatically appears when you make a new post. If you do not need it, leave it.

Showcase images [...]

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September 15, 2016

How to Set up Language and Formatting Menu In Blogger ?

How to Setup Language and Formatting Menu – Blogger supports multiple languages in the world, and thus we can choose the blog language to make it easier to understand. To change the blog language is very easy, we just set the language and formatting menu.

Here are the steps setting up language and formatting menu:

Please, login to blogger with your ID.

Click the drop-down menu, then click Settings

Click the language and formatting menu


Select the language ad you want to use. For example English

Enable transliteration

This is to enable the transliteration when to create a post. Examples for transliteration into Arabic, Hindi [...]
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September 14, 2016

How To Hide Comments Form In Blogger For All Posts ?

Now learn some basic tips about how to disable & enable comments box in blogger for all posts & pages in blogger. So here are some basic tips about how to remove comments box in blogger blog. The today article is all about how to disable & turn off comments form in Blogger Template.

Why Remove Or Hide Comments Form In Blogger ?

Interesting questions why we need to hide & block the comments fo rm in blogger because sometimes we have a blog for officials offices & Governments Organization’s sectors, school & colleges in which there is no need to have a comments form, Area because these organization only wants to spread their information,data [...]