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September 14, 2016

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site/Blog Best Guide Ever

Is Your Blog Slow? Do You Want To Improve the experience for readers? In this world of instant gratification, the speed of content delivery really can impact your business. Keep reading to discover ways to increase the speed of your website.

After reading above some written thing some readers think that Why website Speed Is Important? let me give explain it

First impressions Matter. One way to see How loading fast Your website is loading is to use Pingdom(URL). When new visitors come to your site, the first thing they notice is the load speed and then the design. Even if you have a fantastic website, if your page doesn’t load fast enough, visitors might leave before they [...]
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September 13, 2016

How to improve your wordpress site And attract More traffics

Every blogger wants to increase traffics own website or blog, But always confuse about it. So today I decided to write about improving website or blog traffic easily with some simple step whose everyone knows but don’t follow, So webgyd readers you should keep it mind.

Our own experience initially webgyd has no more traffics and also its shows database connections error so I searched more article about it and read and then I find, I Followed these steps and always try to improve my site, Finally I found that my site attracts more visitors and it runs properly, Also ranking of webgyd is increased so it’s most important point to remember and follow to increasing website [...]

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August 27, 2016

How to choose the best keywords for your website or Blog and Attract More Traffics…

The term “keywords” simply means a text string that people use to find your blog on search engines. Knowing keywords with a high volume of searches is useful when choosing the title of your blog and also the titles of your posts.

You can find out how many people search for a particular keyword by using Google Keywords tool

Let’s say for example you have a blog about makeup and beauty, you might query keywords as the example shows.

Different keywords will have different levels of competition and monthly searches

Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches

Beauty tips High   [...]
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August 16, 2016

5 SEO Optimization Technique For Blog Or Website, Increase Traffics

Starting a blogger blog, designing its look and uploading its template is not that difficult as a newbie thinks it would be, the next step is publishing content which is likewise very easy that a working mom who doesn’t have any idea about how to set up your own blog can easily organize and manage it in her own way. The most important strategy they don’t know about is the SEO search engine optimization for your blog. SEO is very important for keeping a higher flow of organic search engine traffic.

Below are 5 of the most important tips a blogger must consider after setting his/her new blog.

1. Healthy Title Tags and descriptions for Your New Blog:

It is [...]