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October 7, 2016

Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Earning

Google Adsense is the most excitable term for a publisher.Every publisher dream to create a Google Adsense account so he can earn some handsome revenue from his blog. But most of the publishers are not getting what they deserve.Due to the lack of guidance, they are not taking the full advantage of their Google Adsense account this is the reason why day by day there learning is consistently dropping.

If you apply the correct tips and the possible techniques to your Adsense account you will surely see a big difference in your earning as currently, Google Adsense is only advertising program which shares about 68% publisher revenue.

So this is the reason why today [...]

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September 13, 2016

How to Maximize your Google AdSense Revenue Simple Tips

Today world most of the bloggers earn money from google AdSense publisher network. AdSense is the best way to monetize your web traffic. Millions of blogger publishers monetize own site by google Adsense. Most of the bloggers want to google Adsense account initially then try to another network that means it’s first priority to earning of every online publisher so here are the best tips to how to maximize your Adsense revenue.

Millions of publishers are already getting benefited from Adsense. This Post helps publishers to maximize their AdSense earnings. It will be updated on regular basis, keep on checking regularly.

Millions of publishers are already getting [...]

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August 27, 2016

How To Earn $11,400 Per Month By Blog And How Much Traffic You Need??

Many bloggers and website owners are doing it, and you are not an exception. The only thing you need is better planning and execution, hard work, determination and passion for blogging about your topic or niche.

Before diving into the exact process, let’s know some terminology for the better understanding of Google AdSense and how you can generate more revenue by selling your ad inventories on your blog.

What Is AdSense: It’s a monetization program by Google for online content from websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads.

Earning $100, $200 or even $300 per day with Google AdSense is not an impossible job.

CTR [...]

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August 26, 2016

How To Add Responsive Google Adsense In BlogSpot Blog ?

Below is the HOW-TO guide to tweaking the current Google Adsense code with the new responsive Google Adsense banners on your site. You don’t need to have a deep understanding of its framework. Here’s an easy way to make it happen.

Let’s first take a look at your current Google Adsense Code below. You can get this code from Google Adsense Site → My ads (top menu) → “Get Code” from one of your ad units.

Make sure you select “asynchronous” code type from the drop down menu.

<script async src="//"></script> <!-- NAME OF YOUR AD --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" [...]