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October 16, 2016

Replacing Sidebar Widget’s Title with an Image Easily Tutorials

How to replace blogger sidebar widget title with any customize image would be a good hack for so many bloggers. I have noticed that in blogger help forum many of the Blogspot users are asking for the help about how they can put an image instead of sidebar title.

suppose you need to put an image Replacing title in your sidebar with an image can be very helpful when you want to design your custom design unique blog.

So below here you will find the steps to which you can replace the title of the widget with image and yes answer of the question given above.

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate to Layout > Edit HTML Section and check Expand [...]

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September 17, 2016

List of Windows 8 Shortcuts

With a paradigm shift in how we look at a Start screen, Windows 8 has added a lot of shortcuts for easier navigation. Check out a loooooong list of shortcuts for Windows 8 to make your life simpler.

Windows key: Switch between Modern Desktop Start screen and the last accessed application Windows key + C: Access the charms bar Windows key + Tab: Access the Modern Desktop Taskbar Windows key + I: Access the Settings charm Windows key + H: Access the Share charm Windows key + K: Access the Devices charm Windows key + Q: Access the Apps Search screen Windows key + F: Access the Files Search screen Windows key + W: Access the Settings Search screen Windows key + P: Access [...]

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September 17, 2016

Physical Activity and Exercise – Understanding the Difference

Physical activity is defined as the movement that involves contraction of your muscles. Any of the activities we do throughout the day that involves movement — housework, gardening, walking, climbing stairs — are examples of physical activity.

Exercise is a specific form of physical activity — planned, purposeful physical activity performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits, says David Bassett, Jr., Ph.D., a professor in the department of exercise, sport, and leisure studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Working out at a health club, swimming, cycling, running, and sports, like golf and tennis, are all forms of exercise.

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September 15, 2016

Increase Your Blog And Website Traffic With Easy way

A blog’s traffic is one of the most weight carrying properties of a blog. You need to work a lot in order to get traffic. As it is an important thing it also deserves owner’s attention and hard work. Today I’ll tell you one of the basic things you should do in order to increase your blog’s traffic.

Write Good Content: The first thing you have to think about is what you write in your blog. If you’ll write something that is already easily available on the web then you won’t get any traffic because all of the users will be directed to those sites which are already highly ranked. You should try to post innovative, informative and attractive content in order to get the [...]