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September 19, 2016

Do looks matter in a relationship..??

Are looks really that important to women? Can an out of shape or unattractive man get a pretty woman to fall for him? Do ugly guys have no hope of getting pretty women? I know ugly but successful rock stars, movie stars, professional athletes, etc. get beautiful women all the time, but what about me? I’m just an average guy, can I really learn to sexually attract women who are out of my league? If you find or have found yourself asking these very same kinds of questions, then this will be the most exciting article you will ever read!

If you take the time to survey enough women, you will find that looks is usually third or fourth on their list of the qualities that they [...]

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September 11, 2016

How to be a lady that every man dreams of..

A lady is the epitome of womanhood. She’s grand and gorgeous, grabs attention without secret glances, and demands respect without words. She’s the kind of woman other women want to be and other men want to be with. A lady knows just what to do in any circumstance. She’s aware and strong, but yet doesn’t make her man feel less like a man when he’s around her.

Most people assume a lady has to dress like she’s walked out of the Victorian era, and behave like she’s a snotty, spoilt princess who loves frowning at other women and looking down at men.

But in reality, a lady is nothing like that. A lady is someone who makes everyone around her feel loved and respected [...]

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August 26, 2016

4 Ways To Win Your Man’s Heart

Caution ladies! Knowing how to take control over him will help you in making a better connection with him. You should know the right phrases to say and make him fall for you. Have a look at the following 4 points to keep in mind while talking to him.

1) Compliment His Looks: Believe it or not but men too like being complemented when they try dressing up to impress you. One of the best phrases women say that men love to hear is, “You look good,” or something along those lines that compliments his looks. Whether you tell him his hair looks good, his arms look buff, or that his looks overall are great, he will just eat those words right up and melt like butter! Every time [...]

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August 26, 2016

6 Signs He’s Is Cheating On You

1. If he turns secretive and tries to guard his conversations on the phone, leaves the room every time he gets a call on his cell

2. If you call or text him first all the time and he doesn’t bother to do so then that is a bad sign

3. If he starts picking fights too often

4. If you catch him lying, it is often a cause for concern giving signal of infidelity

5. If you find a change in the behavior of close common friends then it is possible that they know something that you don’t. Perhaps you are the last to know

6. If your boyfriend suddenly starts worrying a little more about his appearance – new clothes, make-up…he may be trying to look good for [...]