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Top 10 Foods To Increase Libido Or Sexual Desire

Top 10 Foods To Increase Libido Or Sexual Desire

by AdminOctober 10, 2016

There many foods that can help you to naturally increase your sexual appetite and spice up your sex life. The following are the foods that will help in safely and naturally help in increasing your libido.


Foods To Increase Sexual Drive

1. Chocolates
Eating chocolates every day will help you in increasing your sexual drive.

2. Oysters
Try to include oysters in your diet at least two times a week.
It will help in improving the production of testosterone as it is rich in zinc.
It will also help in boosting the production of healthy and active sperms.

3. Pumpkin Seeds
The zinc in pumpkin seeds helps in boosting production of sperms in men and will also help in correcting testosterone deficiency in men.
They are loaded with Vitamins B, E, D, C and K that will help in boosting libido.

4. Raw Garlic
The heat in the garlic is the main thing that will help in increasing your sexual drive.
It contains allicin that helps in improving blood flow to the sexual organs.
Take it every day for a month to see visible results.

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5. Bananas
Take one or two ripe bananas every day to increase your sexual desire and to boost testosterone levels.

6. Avocados
Avocados help in increasing libido in men and women.
The Vitamin B6 helps in boosting production of male hormones.
The potassium in avocado helps in increasing female libido and also regulating the thyroid glands in women.

7. Blueberries
Blueberries are found to be a natural food that will help in driving the sexual pleasure in men to greater heights.

8. Peanuts
Peanuts are the rich source of L-arginine and will help in especially increasing libidos in men.
The L-arginine in peanuts has been proven to also improve the erectile dysfunction in men.
The amino acids in peanuts help in relaxing the blood vessels and thereby improve blood circulation.

9. Watermelons
Watermelon is regarded to be a natural Viagra with no side effects.
They produce L-citrulline, an amino acid, which helps in increasing the blood flow to sexual organs.
It will also help in boosting nitric oxide in the body which takes away the fatigue, mental and sexual dysfunction factor away.

10. Fishes
Some of the sea water fishes are found to be a rich source of omega -3. These fatty acids help in boosting the sexual urge in men and women and will also improve sexual stamina.

11. Onions
Onions have aphrodisiac properties and hence will help in increasing libido.
Peel off the skin of the onion. Crush it and then fry it in clarified butter.
Take this regularly with a spoon of honey every morning on an empty stomach to boost your sexual drive.

Do you like to satisfy your partner in bed like never before? If you are looking at ways and means to increase your sexual drive, then you can try out a combination of the above foods to enjoy increased libido.

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