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Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online in India 2015

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online in India 2015

by AdminOctober 10, 2016

Many Of our blog readers wanted me to write an article “How Indian People can use their internet as a source of Income” I have online learning experience more than 2 years and I learned lots of tricks within this time span.

So I have decided to share some trusted ways to earn money online in India. Note that you really just don’t need to have any programming knowledge, only sufficient command of the English language.


Usually, I classify online earning in 2 major categories : the First one is Cash in Rupees and Second is Money in the form of mobile wallet (Recharge). So, information is given below will tell you how to earn money online including both the ways.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the only highest paying program for Indian users. I have already written a complete guide on Adsense approval account which you can read by clicking here. My first preference will always go to google Adsense. You can even earn lots of money (2000-4000 Rs per day!) depending on your site traffic. There are many good alternatives available in this category like Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolinks etc.

To use AdSense, first of all, you will need a website and good SEO. If you are a beginner and have no coding knowledge, then we will give you FREE WordPress installation GUIDE.

2. YOUTUBE Videos

Whenever you play a Youtube video, an advertisement appears. Then after clicking ‘skip ads’, you can continue to see the actual video. This is how original video poster earns money! When audience views an ad, video maker gets some commission from google. This program is popularly known as ‘adsense youtube monetisation’.

3. Freelancing

It’s the best way of making huge money just by sitting at home. The only requirement is that – you should be fairly good in English & must have some special skills. There are many sites out of which five & freelancer are most popular. People across the world request other users [you] to complete their tasks. For every completed task, you can earn minimum 5$-1000$ according to the type of work

4. Making Money From Android

This one is my favorite category for earning money in the form of mobile recharges and cash too. There are plenty of apps which provides you free recharges for referring and completing short tasks. But if you want to earn more, then referring is the best option. I earn minimum of 100-200 Rs daily from such kind of apps! If you want to earn real cash, then you can try CashPirate, Wharf Rewards, Slidejoy, Front, TapCash etc. Money can be withdrawn to bank account using verified PayPal account.

5. Advertising & Back Linking

If you own website or blog with good traffic, Then this option can earn you huge of cash. Firstly , try to improve quality as page rank matters a lot! Once you get PR4 or PR5 then the place square ads/Banner on any corner of webpage, If investor found your site suitable, then he ask you for back link or put his ads on your website or blog. You can decide rates(For example 20$ or $50$ per month just for adding banner ) for getting maximum profit.

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