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Top 8 Stretching Exercise to increase Your height Quickly

Top 8 Stretching Exercise to increase Your height Quickly

by AdminSeptember 17, 2016

If you’re taller than other you’ll look more attractive and dashing. Fun thing is that the people with the slightly more height than normal have 70% more employment rate than the people who’ve average or slightly below average heights. There are countless benefits of growing taller.


There are a lot of methods to grow taller; like by taking exercises, taking pills/supplements etc
Here I’m going to share one of the most effective and popular methods to increase your height.

Note : If you really want to grow taller than before than doing top ten stretches only won’t help you. You’ve to take good diet and have to leave bad habits ( drinking , smoking , masturbation especially males etc .

Why do stretches to increase height ?

Stretching helps the muscles of the body to extend and is one of the most famous exercises to increase height. Stretching exerts pressure on the growing points of the body, which allows the body to grow taller.

Stretches are on the top of the list when we talk about exercises which help us to get tall and it is the best way to add few inches to your height.

There are many ways to do stretches but Here I’ll discuss only the most effective and proven strategies.

We’ll discuss the following stretching exercises.

  1. Hanging
  2. Leg Kick
  3. Cobra Pose
  4. Pelvic shift
  5. Super stretch
  6. Vertical bend
  7. Inversion table stretch
  8. Standing vertical stretch

Sports you should play while doing stretches in routine.

  1. BasketBall
  2. Swimming
  3. Skipping

1. Hanging


This is the simplest exercise and the most common. Hanging from a rod helps extend the spine and causes height gain. This also helps to tone the arm muscles. One of the reasons a person looks shorter than his natural height is because of gravity. You are probably in a vertical position most of the day, making your joints and spine compressed. This is the simplest exercise and the most common.

2. Leg Kick


This stretching move seems to come from karate. This This is a defensive move but helps to get taller. To do this, stand on the ground with feet slightly placed apart. Then, balling up your energy, kick out without moving your thighs. Seems stupid but it helps, believe me!

3. Vertical bend


Many people do this stretching exercise wrong; so here I’m telling you the right way to do this thing stand on the ground with your legs placed slightly apart. Then try to bend down and touch your toes. While doing this, try not to bend your knees. This asana helps to flex the spine and in turn, helps in your height growth.

4. Cobra pose


Cobra pose is the most interesting stretch to increase height( I know its name sounds flimsy). Let check how to do it properly ; The chest and stomach should be on the floor. Stretch out your arms and place them on your side beside your head. Then, try to rise on the hands. Place the pressure evenly on both the hands. Then try to stretch the body as much as you can and hold the pose. This can be repeated at 2-minute intervals. If you do it properly and regularly it’ll help you a lot in getting taller than before.

5. Standing vertical


Standing vertical stretch is one of the most common stretch exercises. Even my old Mother use to do it regularly after her 30 min walk.

6. Inversion Table exercise


To do this exercise, hang upside down from the “inversion table” gym equipment. This strengthens your torso.

7. Skipping


Skipping helps in height increase as it involves jumping. A skipping rope is all you need for this exercise.

8. Swimming


Swimming utilises all the muscles in the body and provides it with a complete workout. It pulls on the tendons of the calves, thighs, upper arm and the abdomen. This has been known to effectively cause weight gain.

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These are the common stretching exercises for increasing height if you did regularly, will gradually increase your height. Along with a proper diet, and good nutrition, these exercises will also boost your immunity and facilitate the growth of the body. Best of Luck.

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